Monday, October 19, 2009

Turkey Lurkey

I think this turned out SUPER CUTE! Plus I think I finally figured out some prices. So for this turkey and the witch it will be $10 if you want just the pieces and then you can put it together by yourself. If you want it fully finished it will cost $15. Also the ghost and tombstone will be $12 unfinished and $17 finished, (just because it uses more wood). If you want one just let me know!!!

Thursday, October 15, 2009


I would love to make any of these things for anyone. I haven't really come up with prices yet, plus some of these things are sold by Janae so you can get the vinyl from her and she has really good prices. All the wood crafts are available through me though so let me know if you want something and I'll let you know how much it is when I figure it out!!!

3 Season Stackers

We made these blocks for our craft group last month. Once again my great friend Janae picked out the great fonts and pictures but I came up with the idea. I love working with her, it's so much fun and I get to make these great crafts, thanks Janae!

Picture Blocks

This is another idea that my friend Janae and I came up with. I was at my other friends vinyl party and I saw all these cute pictures and came up with this idea. With the help of Janae we came up with these, I think they're so cute and something different than just words.

First big wood crafts!

These are the first "big" things I have made with my scroll saw. I have sketched out so many fun things but we'll see when I get round to actually making them. We have Super Saturday this weekend so hopefully once that is over and I've cut out all that wood I can start making more fun things, I can't wait!(I copied this witch from one that my amazing friend/Aunt Trudy had. It was so easy and so much cheaper that buying it)

Clothes peg magnets

These are just something different instead of using the clear beads.

Temple Blocks

I saw this fun idea on a blog and thought I would give it a try. We made these for our Super Saturday too. They were super cheap because we didn't use vinyl, I think they turned out cute.

USA wall hanging

I got this idea from an idea I found on a blog. I just changed the word and we made this for our Super Saturday this past spring.

Seasonal Blocks

These are a few Super Saturday projects we did in our ward. I helped come with these ideas with LOTS of help from my great friend Janae. She has a vinyl company and she's amazing at what she does and is so patient with me because I take forever to decide. Her blog is and she's the BEST!

Seasonal Ladder

At a craft fair a few years ago I saw these lovely ladders that had different seasonal decorations that you could change. I fell in love with it but didn't want to spend tons of money so I decided to make my own. (I need to take some new pictures because I have a valentines set and some of the sets aren't finished in the pictures).
(This set has a pumpkin in the middle)

A long time coming!!!

I'm finally doing it!!! I've been wanting to start a craft blog for such a long time and I think I finally have time to do it, well maybe a little bit of time. This past spring we got a miter saw, I was so excited about it but I still needed a scroll saw. I finally purchased one in September and I've been so happy ever since. I've always wanted to make wood crafts but life with 4 kids is pretty busy, then you add on callings, helping with school and just general house work, there really isn't that much time to do the things I like to do. I finally decided I'm just going to make time, of course having the tools makes that a lot easier.

Anyway I'm sure this blog won't be like all the other GREAT craft blogs that I love but oh well, it will be my little blog and I'm excited about it. I just barely started making things but for now I'll add some of the things I have made in the past. Hopefully I'll get better and better, I'm just so happy I'm finally starting something, YAY!!!