Saturday, October 22, 2011

Seasonal Wreath

Me and some friends got together last week to make these cute wreaths. We found the idea on a blog. I thought my cute little spiders would look really cute on it. I'm going to make some little pumpkins and leaves for November and then some ornaments for December :)
$10 wreath only
$3 for each set (Halloween/Fall/December)


I think this Reindeer is pretty cute. I'm still not sure if I want to add something else though???


I have Roosters in my kitchen and I've wanted to make my own for a long time. Here's my first try, I think he turned out cute and was really popular at the craft fair.


I got this idea from a blog a year or ago and made it my own. I think they're super cute. I made myself one but mine is a little bigger.


I LOVE the way these turned out. I added the leaves last minute and I'm so glad I did. I want to make some different sizes now.

Witches Boots

I made the black one first but then decided to make the ones with stripes. I like both, the nice thing about the black one is that it matches the hat :)

Big Owls

I made these bigger owls after I had the smaller ones, I couldn't resist :)


These spiders were fun to make. I want to make a bunch and scatter them around for Halloween.
$8 big
$4 small


I got this idea from a blog a year or so ago but I simplified it a little.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Witches Hat and friend

Here's my little spider friend again with a cute witches hat this time.


I think these bats turned out really cute because they're sooo easy and simple but ended up looking great :)
$2.50 small
$4 big

Penguin and friend

I started making a little penguin like this a couple of years ago but never really finished it properly. This is how I wanted it though, now I'll have to finish mine too.

Little Owls

I've really being LOVING owls lately so these little guys were fun to make. Now I want to make some bigger ones or more of these. We'll see if I have time.

Ghost and friend

I think this turned out really cute, I especially love the little hanging spider :)

I'm finally crafting again!

It's been a long time since I actually crafted but these past 2 weeks I think I've made up for it. I really LOVE to make crafts but once I got pregnant last time life just got busy and then with a newborn it's even busier. Anyway Austin is now 1 and even life is still busy I decided I would try and do a booth at a craft fair. I've always wanted to do this and it's been pretty fun thinking of things to make but I left it WAY too late so I've been up late every night cutting, sanding, and painting. Thank goodness I have an AMAZING husband and neighbour who have been helping me out TONS so I can be ready for this Saturday. I'm still not finished but here's some of the things I've made so far, ENJOY :)